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Atomiq DeFi Product Suite

Powered by the secure and trustless technology of Atomic Swaps, the Atomiq Suite of products unlocks the $1T Bitcoin DeFi opportunity by enabling native cross-chain swap helping to power the next wave of Bitcoin dApps.


Enabling cross-chain swaps with native Bitcoin, allowing you to access DeFi without the risks of using wrapped versions of Bitcoin.


A Bitcoin DeFi launchpad enabling projects seeking early-stage liquidity.


Non-custodial wallet for BTC, Mintlayer-based tokens, and EVM tokens.

Industry Leaders Backing Us

Charlie Shrem
"Exploring the frontiers of Bitcoin DeFi, Atomiq DeFi's DEX and its atomic swaps technology are nothing short of revolutionary. It's like we're opening a new chapter in the saga of blockchain evolution. Being one of the early believers in Bitcoin and Mintlayer, I can't help but feel a surge of excitement seeing our path now merging with the groundbreaking efforts of Atomiq DeFi. It's a thrilling time to be part of this journey."
Mario Nawfal
Host of largest crypto show. Founder of IBC Ventures

Our Team

Zaid Ismail
Zaid is a tech innovator with deep roots in both Silicon Valley and New Zealand. He has founded several successful med-tech startups and has led global teams in unicorn tech companies. Driven by a passion for enhancing the Bitcoin Economy through innovation, Zaid founded Atomiq DeFi, aiming to make Bitcoin DeFi accessible to the masses.
Enrico Rubboli
With significant contributions as a Senior Developer at Tether and Bitfinex, his 25-year career in software development includes key roles at Macmillan Science, TUI Group, and ELC Technology. As the Founder of Mintlayer and now in his pivotal role as CTO at Atomiq DeFi, Enrico is driving innovation in Bitcoin Layer 2 technologies.
Mariangel Garcia
Former Binance Marketing Manager and BNB Chain Head of Communities. Tedx Speaker, US Deparment of State Alumni and BeinCrypto Most Influential Women in Crypto 2024.
Ansheet Maharaj
Community-focused marketing with experience in building organic audiences for brands, start-ups & web3 projects across the board. A keen interest in simplifying & improving user experience on the blockchain for the global audience.
Sergey Chystiakov
Full Stack Developer
Sergey is a Senior Full Stack Developer with extensive experience leading development teams on major Layer2 Bitcoin-based projects. With expertise in creating scalable and responsive applications, he leads in both front-end and back-end development.
Chris Luu
Seasoned digital marketer, copywriter, and content creator with extensive crypto experience, adept at explaining complex blockchain concepts to diverse audiences.
Yasir Al-Hilali
Project / Product Manager
Yasir has led product teams and is a Project Manager with extensive experience in both Web2 and Web3 tech startups. He is also the co-founder of a top 100 emerging company, backed by Boeing.
Nabila Ahmed
UX/UI Designer
A designer passionate about crafting innovative and human-centered designs in the Web 3.0 space, dedicated to creating impactful digital experiences.
Dmitry Y
Full Stack Developer
Dmitry is a Senior Full Stack Developer with extensive experience in blockchain and enterprise systems. He excels in designing secure, scalable applications and integrating blockchain solutions.
Umar Parshotam
Social Media Manager
Social media manager specializing in enhancing digital presence and brand visibility across Web3.
Richard Lester
3D Digital Desginer
Richard is an experienced Digital Designer specialising in 3D modelling, animation, and game design. He also has an extensive experience in web and mobile app design.
John Muir
Technical Lead
With nearly 30 years in the tech sector, including 16+ years as a CTO, John has led teams and designed complex infrastructures in New Zealand. Active in crypto since 2015, he started with mining Litecoin and is now a seasoned web3 venture capitalist.

Featured Partners


“We are esctatic to announce that Atomiq DeFi is the first project to be incubated within the Mintlayer Ecosystem. Under the expert guidance of Zaid, we are poised to revolutionize Bitcoin DeFi by providing true interoperability with Bitcoin through Atomic Swaps. This innovative approach enables a fully decentralized method for exchanging Bitcoin with any asset issued on Mintlayer, paving the way for a new era in decentralized finance.”

De.Fi Accelerator

“We're thrilled to have partnered with Atomiq DeFi for their seed round allocation. The overwhelming response by our community is a testament to the strong belief in their vision and the innovative solutions they're bringing to the Bitcoin DeFi space. We look forward to supporting Atomiq DeFi's growth and seeing the impact they'll make in the industry.”


"Atomiq DeFi's vision of enabling native Bitcoin cross-chain swaps through their DEX and Atomic Swap technology has resonated strongly with the Launchpool community. Our users recognize the potential of Atomiq DeFi's products to drive Bitcoin DeFi adoption. The successful launches have provided our community with an opportunity to invest in a groundbreaking project and helped Atomiq DeFi gain momentum."

Join Atomiq's community and revolutionize Bitcoin's economy by unlocking the $1 trillion DeFi opportunity!


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Coming soon
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Ecosystem Partners

$ATMQ Utility

ATMQ is the native token in Atomiq’s ecosystem offering the following key utilities:
Priority Access & Allocation
Staking: Allows for priority access & allocation to token sales on the launchpad. Also, acts an an insurance policy preventing any false allocation requests that don’t get fulfilled.
DEX Integration
Staking Functionality will also be a part of our DEX, where users who built a strong score as a result of staking will get access to better fees and priority transaction ordering.
Launchpad Access
The $ATMQ Token can also be used to purchase tokens of new project listings on the launchpad.
Governance / Voting Rights
$ATMQ token holders can shape the future of the Bitcoin ecosystem by participating in governance of the Atomiq DeFi platform.

The Roadmap

Q1 2024

Atomiq DeFi is founded with a $1.5M grant from Mintlayer Ecosystem Fund.

Q2 2024
  • Development of Atomiq Pad, Wallet, & Bridge underway
  • $ATMQ Private & Public Seed Round concluded
Q3 2024
  • The Atomiq Pad & Wallet will be launched
  • Atomiq Bridge development begins to facilitate the transfer of liquidity from other EVM chains
  • $ATMQ Public Sale & CEX listings
Q1 2025

V1 of the Atomiq DEX & Bridge will go live, enabling transfer of liquidity from other EVM chains + swaps between stablecoins, ML, & MLS tokens

Q2 2025

V2 of the DEX will be launched, enabling Bitcoin cross-chain atomic swaps

Atomiq Wallet Coming Soon

The freedom to use your funds, wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the TGE?

The $ATMQ token generation event (TGE) will be in Q3 of 2024. We have a Roadmap illustrated above where updates will be regularly communicated. Stay tuned to our socials and telegram community channel for exact dates & details revealing soon.

What are Atomic Swaps (Native Cross-Chain Swaps) ?

Atomic swaps represent a revolutionary method for conducting direct, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges without the need for intermediaries such as centralized exchanges or wrapped tokens. This technology relies on Hash Time Locked Contracts (HTLCs) to ensure that both parties either complete the trade successfully or the transaction is voided, eliminating the risk of one party defrauding the other.

While the underlying process may sound slightly complicated, all of this happens on the backend. The DEX's front-end UI will function like any other DEX, with users simply choosing which assets they want to swap securely.

Mintlayer has created the basic Atomic Swap system, while Atomiq DeFi is developing a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for atomic swaps, which will enable you to swap native Bitcoin for stablecoins or any MLS-based token on the Mintlayer network. To compare, you can think of the relationship between Ethereum and Uniswap as the relationship between Mintlayer and Atomiq DeFi.

What is Mintlayer?

Mintlayer is a Bitcoin layer 2 sidechain that enables developers to build a decentralized financial ecosystem without straining the Bitcoin network. It unlocks Bitcoin's potential for Decentralized Finance, Atomic Swaps, Smart Contracts, NFTs, and dApps. Mintlayer's Atomic Swaps technology allows direct Bitcoin token interoperability without the need for centralized exchanges or wrapped tokens. This atomic swap technology forms the backbone of Atomiq DeFi's DEX.

Why are you building on Mintlayer?

We chose Mintlayer for its Bitcoin-inspired architecture that prioritizes security, simplicity, and reliability. Key features include:

  • Non-Turing complete smart contracts and UTXO model for enhanced security and easier audits
  • Robust architecture developed in Rust, ensuring speed and safety
  • Focus on Atomic Swaps, reducing risks associated with traditional token bridges
  • CertiK security audit with AA score (top 10% of audited projects)

Mintlayer's secure foundation allows Atomiq DeFi to unlock Bitcoin's full potential in DeFi while providing a user-friendly experience.

Where will I be able to purchase $ATMQ?

Initially, $ATMQ was acquired in limited allocation through our partner launchpads, De.FI Accelerator and Launchpool Labs. Now that our Seed Round concluded we will be launching our very own Atomiq LaunchPad for the $ATMQ Private Sale, and list on top centralized exchanges, where you will also be able to buy $ATMQ.

How much funding has Atomiq DeFi received?

Atomiq DeFi was initially awarded a $1.5 million Grant from the Mintlayer's Ecosystem Fund. Additionally, Atomiq secured Seed capital from a number of strategic VC's with the help of the lead investor, X21 Digital. That Seed round was conducted in parallel of allocations provided to De.Fi Accelerator and Launchpool Labs which had both successfully sold-out.

What makes Atomiq DeFi unique?

Atomiq DeFi is unique because it is the first Project to build a suite of dApps powered by Mintlayer's Atomic-Swap Technologies. These Atomic Swaps are distinctive in the web3 sphere because they allow direct Bitcoin use within dApps without the need for intermediaries, wrapped tokens, or centralized exchanges. While Atomiq DeFi allows you to use native BTC, almost all other leading projects either build on layer 1 or use layer 2 but implement DeFi through wrapped, pegged, or federated versions of BTC.

Still have a question? Get in touch with us